Professional Grade Indoor Growing Systems

 Manufactured Rooms – Shipped Direct


An Apollo Grow Building is delivered as a complete unit, ready for use. Easy to maintain, easy to operate, secure and discrete.
No matter what your individual needs are, Apollo Grow has a variety of sizes and styles available to meet them.

An indoor grow room has advantages: Complete control of the growing environment, and total convenience. Growing vegetables and herbs indoors over the winter is a good way to supplement your diet and can also lead to learning opportunities for children. Your control of the environment in your Apollo Grow Building extends to every input. You can trust what comes out completely because you know whose hands have touched it. This is prefect for experimentation on strains of Vegetables and Plants. Creative manipulation of plants have given us great tomatoes, incredible orchids, and the widest spectrum of Cannabis ever. 


Sustainable gardening practices in vegetable gardening is a great idea for so many reasons. It is a hobby that goes somewhere and creates a true benefit. Monks had their peas, you can choose to grow whatever you want. No matter what it is, it will be yours and grown by you. Creating something new in the Veggie world could also supplement your income. You do not have to be farmer Ted, but you can certainly grow more than you need personally.

When You know exactly what goes in,
you can love what comes out.
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An Apollo Grow Building is great for so many reasons. You can have home grown veggies year round.
Total control of what goes into your plants.
Discrete plant growing. free from insects and neighbors.
It blends in and totally secure.